Ellen Searle LeBel, LMFT, BC-DMT, CST-T
“You can never learn less, you can only learn more.”
            -R. Buckminster Fuller
Learning is an act of becoming: becoming more aware, more curious and more skilled. I believe that an effective teacher is also a student. It’s a circular process; I continue to learn in order to teach and by teaching I learn from my students. Creating a reflective, respectful and sometimes playful temenos provides a safe place to learn about our mistakes, successes and discoveries.

Within my consultation groups we weave clinical experience with theory and concepts, sharing the difficulties of clinical practice as well as the transformational process of therapy. We learn in the presence of others and from mutual inquiry, ideas and questions. In both group and one-on-one consultation, we delve into understanding particular concerns and follow the unfolding therapeutic relationship.

At conferences, workshops and courses, I focus on themes and methods to spark ideas and for you to integrate  into your sessions with clients. Whether in supervision or consultation, a workshop or a conference presentation, I enjoy the opportunity to engage fully with each person in becoming more aware, more curious and learning together.